A regional convenience store chain was looking for a better way to stitch together and access their enormous amount of data. They needed a streamlined system for analysis and reporting that would help save them time and provide better insights to drive decisions.

Industry: Convenience

Hypersonix Product Implemented: Pricing AI

Goals: The ability to view data from disparate sources and generate actionable insights and reports that inform better decisions about pricing and inventory while giving them a better understanding of their customers.

The Challenge

Fragmented Data Sources and Lack of a Unified View

A regional chain of convenience/service station stores wanted better visibility on their pricing. They were looking to replace their current BI reporting tool because it didn’t provide a unified view of their data. With an enormous amount of data, but no way to stitch it together for analysis, it was challenging to quickly find the patterns and insights they needed to make the right decisions about pricing and inventory. They needed a better way to analyze their data and a real-time solution for creating reports for various project teams across the company to use in their decision-making.

The Solution

Automated Data Ingestion and Real-Time Reporting

The Hypersonix Team connected Hypersonix ProfitGPT to their data platforms and stitched together six years of data from more than 10 sources and 24+ brands, making all that data available for analysis. The data ingestion process was automated and configured as a custom data ingestion schedule. That ensured that the Hypersonix platform automatically processes updated data on an ongoing basis, keeping information current and up to date. This helped save the customer’s project team time they were wasting on manual processing and analysis of the data while also providing better visibility into their data and the insights it holds.

Dashboards were created for the customer, with daily data updates presenting key insights. Custom reports were built and automated so that the project team can view analysis and insights on a regular basis, either from the dashboard or in their email.

Hypersonix Impact

Streamlined Operations and Improved Decision-Making

Data from all the disparate sources is now integrated and available for Hypersonix machine-learning and generative-AI algorithms to analyze. The customer has daily visibility into their data and key insights through the dashboard and custom reporting, ensuring better insights into their operation overalls. The merchandising team is building their own additional reports and running scenarios to help them plan their pricing and inventory strategies and the finance team receives reports that help them make better decisions.

This optimized reporting functionality and streamlined access to data saves 2 hours per day/user. With 8 users, that adds up to 16 hours per day, 80 hours per week, and over 4,000 hours per year.