A regional grocery chain with 19 locations needed a solution to their manual reporting on pricing and promotions. They needed real-time data and insights to make better decisions on pricing and promotions and effectively forecast demand.

Hypersonix Products Implemented: Pricing AI

Industry: Grocery

Goals: Automated reporting that enables their teams to quickly view insights and easily make decisions about pricing, promotions, products, and inventory.

The Challenge

Breaking Free from IT Dependency

This regional grocery chain operates 19 locations across multiple states with 180,000 SKUs. Even with an operation of this size, they were still relying on their IT Team to manually run reports for them. It was not self-serve for those who needed the data to act, and stakeholders often had to wait for the reports and data they needed to make a decision. They were looking for a platform that could synthesize all their data, automatically run reports, and provide real-time insights that helped their team make the best decisions on products, promotions, and inventory, and effectively forecast demand.

Weekly reporting was a manual effort, making it challenging to do competitive analysis to identify products priced above or below the competition.

The Solution

Streamlining Processes and Saving Time with Automated Reporting

The Hypersonix Team automated weekly reporting, removing the manual effort and saving the customer time. Competitive analysis was implemented to identify when products were priced above or below their competition. Generative AI custom analysis provides category-level insights to buyers, enabling them to properly forecast demand. The different category teams can now quickly access their data and run reports in real-time without having to submit a request to their IT team.

Hypersonix Impact

Automated Weekly Reports Save the Team 15 Hours/Week

The grocer continues to receive automated weekly reports, saving their team 15 hours per week on data compilation and analysis. Their Finance Team is receiving regular reports providing insights that assist with store forecasting. Marketing reports are identifying lift that comes from the promotions in their digital flyer. These custom analyses are providing category-level insights for buyers so they can price products effectively to maintain competitiveness and optimize their margins.